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The Wren’s Nest Tavern web site was a curated, collaborative, in-character resource for the news and events of the online game DragonRealms by Simutronics.

The site was started in 1997 by Dreamheart as a place for the history of the realms to be recorded, saved, and referenced. It went offline in 2008, but all the old articles are available for students of history in the “Archives” tab. This new incarnation picked up mid-events of late May of 2013, for a few years.

With kindest thanks to Mahtra for this free hosting, Dreamheart was able to keep this site up for posterity in this new format in 2022. It is completely static, nothing new will be added to it. Search still functions, thanks to The Google.

The Wren’s Nest’s beautiful logo was designed by Solis and now serves the 5th incarnation of the Tavern.

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