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Terms of Use and Conduct Policy

We’re not big into legal mumbo-jumbo. So here’s the expected conduct at The Wren’s Nest. Infractions of this code can result in being placed in “Read-Only” mode, being banned from the web site, or notification made to the appropriate legal authority.

You agree that:

  1. You will not submit copyrighted material for which you do not have rights.
  2. You will not call people names.
  3. You will not say disparaging, insulting, defamatory, or rude things to others, or about them.
  4. You will not bait people, start arguments, or act disagreeable. There are ways to disagree without becoming disagreeable.
  5. You will keep all submissions “family friendly”, suitable for a “G” rating.
  6. You will not reproduce or distribute works found here without permission of the author.
  7. You will abide by the decisions regarding content curation and categorization made by the staff.
  8. All submissions will be in-character; you will not post logs from DragonRealms.

In short, you’re expected to treat everyone with respect and act like an adult.