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Posted by on 1997 Jun 3 |

Lanival Grumbles!

(Dirge, Zoluren: 321 Skullcleaver 349)

This is a short tale about something that happened some time ago. Recent events, and rumours of war, have brought this to the surface of Aiffe’s mind. She was wandering about, as a Bard lass is wont to do, when she heard in her mind a very strange thought. It was as of a gwethdesuan thought from very far away. It was the thought of Lanival the Redeemer himself muttering. He spoke of being awakened. Aiffe thought back to him, and to all around, but none seemed to take note. Lanival again spoke (thought), this time of being disturbed. Aiffe had of course sought straightaway the Crossing, to find a Moon Mage to Locate Lanival. On the way she encountered Kruass, and swift told the tale. Together they continued to the Crossing to find Crescent.

Once there they found Crescent and Tyler Holbroke. Lanival had not spoken again. Crescent was not able to Locate him. However Kruass’ familiar seemed to indicate that Lanival was south. Remembering that Lanival is supposed to lay sleeping in the cavern of Glacis in the Dragonspine mountains south of Leth, the trio hopped aboard a ferry and headed for Leth Deriel. On the dock waiting for the ferry, Lanival spoke a third time. This time Kruass too heard the thought-voice. Lanival said the time was not yet right, and he would go again to sleep.

Once across the Segoltha, Crescent was able to Locate Lanival once. In his own words:

Crescent says, "The cavern is incredibly big, the floor covered with silver and gold coins. There is a large marble slab in the center, upon which rests a figure dressed in armor and holding a sword to his chest."

Crescent says, "That is what I see."

Crescent shivers.

The south-west gate of Leth Deriel was still closed. The Redeemer thought not again, nor was he Located with familiar or spell again. And thus ends the tale of Lanival the Redeemer’s moment of awakening.