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Posted by on 1997 Apr 25 |

Tipsy Fae’s Story

(circa 347)

Well, ya sees, I wuz just a simple fae, livin’ my simple life, doin’ my simple thing, and passin’ through th’Big Place With All The Silly People cuz that’s what fae do. Miss Faenella had given me th’day off, an’ I was reeeal booored.

Okee, the FIRST thing I saw was this funny li’l mage. And thas really all I remembers. He had a gerbil (I remember that) and he had lotsa hair (I remember that too), and he was really excited when I turned his gerbil pink and made it fly (yup yup — I’s remembers that). I made a lot of things change color. I like color. Hee!

Then the mage got uppity cuz his gerbil didn’t knows whens to stop drinkin’ (it got tipsy and started doing fly-by’s) and I had to give ‘im a white streak in his hair. Or hairs. He sneezed a lot and at first I tink I made ‘im bald, but the glare was gettin’ to me, so I gave him most of his hair back, along with that little streak of white.

Then this Guy Wearing Lots of Shiney Armor started askin’ me whyze was I out runnin’ around an’ I told him an’ then said that the other fae (like the reavers) was prolly gonna be out too, and he got this odd look on his face and left. I think he went to the Funny Place That Smells Like Ozone but I dunno. I don’ mess wit’ reavers. Nope nope nope.

So’s that’s all’s I got to (hic) say. I don’t have a good memory of dat day. I think the mage and the funny little wolf-man with the armor would know more. Got any sugar-milk here? (giggle)

An Anonymous Tipsy Fae