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Posted by on 1997 Apr 23 |

Barbarian’s Dances Unveiled

(Crossing, Zoluren: 30 Skullcleaver 350)

(Crossing, Zoluren: 30 Skullcleaver 350) Tonight Lord Belcor Runthorn, Guardian Mage to the Barbarian’s Guilds of the realms, presented news of new moves to many of the Realms greatest heroes. At the meeting, held in the Amphitheatre at the Crossing, Lord Belcor outlined the new dances they would be learning over the course of the studies of the Warriors.

Starting with the Dance of the Swan, members of the Barbarian’s guild will need to seek out the Dance Pits where Pit masters teach these moves to the dedicated and the best. Dance of the Cobra, Badger, Eagle, Bear, and Wolverine will follow be the rest of the combat manuevers they will learn. Each one will let the Warrior emulate the best traits of the respective animals as they dance toe to toe in melee.

The news was welcomed with a warm reception by the members of the guild in attendance. At the same time, Lord Belcor announced that the guild members training for parry would be reduced by one, and that their evasion would be increased by one.