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Posted by on 1997 Apr 24 |

Deadly New Traps Sprung on Adventurers

(The Three Provinces: 6 Skullcleaver 350)

Trap specialists and hobbyists alike were surprised today when boxes began to show up with a number of new looking traps on them.

The forces of evil had somehow learned several wicked new traps as their last threat beyond the grave for the heroes of the Realms. The traps have already claimed a number of lives and numerous injuries, some quite severe. They continue to harm and kill those who are still learning the intricacies of dealing with them.

There were razors set to slice off your hands, crossbow bolts powered by large springs, a terrible nerve toxin that looks like rust on a very sharp and tiny needle, electrical shock from two silver studs, a firebomb fueled by nothing less than naptha itself, and the most deadly of all, a chlorine gas vial which quickly fills the area with the deadly gas. Everyone in the area will succumb to the gas, it is a particularly potent poison, and works as you inhale it, leaving your insides bleeding badly.

At the hospital in the Crossing, Martyr assured everyone that she had the antidote to the gas and the nerve toxin. But the cost of these rare cures are not cheap. It is reported that they go for a gold kronar.

Adventurers all over the realms are wary of these new traps and leaving the disarming to the professionals. While this reporter could not reach an official of the Guild of Thieves, several well known professionals were obeserved celebrating the increased difficulty the hobbyists were having.