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Posted by on 1997 May 1 |

First Barbarian Guild Members Quest to Dance

(Crossing, Zoluren: 321 Dolefaren 350)

Barbarian Guild Leader, Agonar, reports with great pride that Guild members Nightt and Fargo were the first warriors to make their Quest to learn the Dance of the Swan.

These special disciplines, called Dances, are taught only to seasoned warriors. The Dance of the Swan, for instance, gives them the grace of balance that they need for that extra edge in defeating a foe.

The dance was taught in a special pit by a Master. Barbarians are able to focus their minds and bodies to accomplish these manuevers that will embue them with the various traits of the animals for which the Dances are named. Agonar added, "Only Guild members have what it takes to meet the foe with just their sword and courage. Once more the Provinces will see that cold steel and well trained minds and bodies can do. We are prepared for an influx of new Guild members as people realize how fickle the use of magic can be and how it weakens them."