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Posted by on 1997 Apr 24 |

Grave-robber Gang Caught and Banished

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 10 Skullcleaver 350)

I was walking through the Crossing, picking up trash from all the littering would-be citizens of the realms when I stumbled across a corpse of a young cleric. He was Neophyte Crusinix, and there were 4 crossbow bolts in him. The last one evidently went right through his head, from one of the new fell traps on boxes. A young lass was trying to drag him, but our young cleric was a very hardy dwarf.

So I dragged him to the cleric’s guild, where Niira, Branwen, and another cleric, I believe, rejuved him. After Niira and Branwen pronounced Crusinix’s memories protected, Wyvernia, another person who was just standing there, volunteers to take him to the cellar. Now, I had SO many pressing matters to attend to, I almost let her. I mean, I had not gotten to Champion Square to clean up all those boxes yet. (heh) But I decided to do the right thing and continue with the young cleric’s corpse, so I told this Wyvernia that it was fine, her help was not needed. And I dragged him to the cellar. At that moment, I presumed she was simply there to help the dead, like everyone else in the guild at the moment.

The young Neophyte departed. Wyvernia came into the cellar, and began to pick up things. Niira was there by then, asked her to stop, I told Wyvernia that everything would be fine.

And just after Wyvernia said she was picking things up to "guard them" she walked out.

Niira gave immediate chase. I was too stunned to even think.

But this Wyvernia was too fast, and eluded Niira. As soon as the young newly departed Crusinix returned, I set off to find a war mage who could help us locate the low life who had pulled this deliberately planned stunt. Never before in my life had I seen anything so calculated as staking out the cleric’s guild to rob from corpses.

I found a familiar, a cute little squirrel, who told me he would help me, but I have no idea where his Mage was, or even who it was. But by then, this Wyvernia had disappeared from the realms entirely. So I ran back to the young cleric to tell him he best report the matter and to find out where he died so that I could look THERE for the pilfered goods to pop back.

But it was not to be. There was no sign of the items which the scum had taken where he fell.

I was upset, and felt very responsible for allowing someone to simply walk out with things. I think perhaps next time before I presume that anyone I have never seen before is doing the right thing, that I will act first. It is not exactly in my nature to be so paranoid and suspicious, or even bitter, but I had never felt so helpless and useless.

Crusinix lost a very good weapon and some other things, and he was not real pleased. To his credit, however, he held his temper better than I did, I think. Niira was off the scale. This was not the first such set up

she had happen before her eyes. Evidently this has been going on for a while, a gang, using different names, has been staking out the cleric’s guild.

Well, back to the story.

I went to my closet and pulled out one of my priceless weapons to give to Crusinix, it was the only thing I could think of to do. When I found him again, he would not take it, and as we spoke, Tonneka materialized in thin air in front of us.

And returned the young Crusinix’s things to him.

It seemed that one Wyvernia had tried to pass off the stolen things, and "she" and her compatriot were caught in the act by Tonneka, and perhaps another Guardian Mage, I do not know. Tonneka assured us both that the culprits were now long gone, and permanently banished from the Realms, and would not be able to do that again by that means.

The young cleric, who thought his things were long gone, was ecstatic.

And so, I saw a heartrending grave-robbing and a terrific happy ending to the matter because of the hard work of our Guardian Mages.

Thank you, Tonneka, and everyone. I can only imagine how much time and energy having to keep up with such gangs takes away from the growth of the realms.