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Posted by on 1997 May 1 |

Guilds Cracking Down on Crime

(The Three Provinces: Dolefaren 350)

It began with the Bard’s Guild. Bards across the Three Provinces reported that the Guild Leaders of the Bard’s Guild of Elanthia have begun working together to discourage pickpocketing and other crimes being committed by Guild members. The Leaders are refusing to provide training information or achievement certification to any Bard who is wanted for criminal behavior; at least two sources indicate that they were told the Guild Leaders intended to turn over to the civil authorities any Bard so marked whenever they attempted to receive training.

The news has been greeted by howls of protest from many Bards, who favor themselves as somewhat roguish figures, while others applaud the change.

Inspired by the civic-mindedness of the Bard Guild leaders, War Mage Guild Leader in the Crossing, Gauthus, recently had a well-placed War Mage turned over to authorities when he inquired about his training. Will the other guilds follow suit?