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Posted by on 1997 May 17 |

Night of the Demon Bears

(Zoluren: Nissa 350)

I come to tell you a shocking tale of possessed creatures. It happened on the night I had just recived my beloved cat, Dizzy Shadow, a beautiful tabby cat, and I thank Meraud for her friendship each day. Little did I know, however, what Meraud had in store for me later that night.

I was spending time with friends at the guild, relaxing and enjoying myself when Valliant came to us with a request for aid. He had died while hunting cave bears, and some friends with him. They were still there waiting for aid, he had risked his soul on the starry path to get help. Tafkapp and I at once agreed to help him. We had hunted bears before, and knew they were no threat to us.

Once there, we found a young cleric trying desperately to aid those who had fallen, to protect their memories. While Valliant retrieved his belongings, we gave the cleric the power we could. Soon, another cleric joined him.

Valliant retrieved his belongings, we gave the cleric the power we could. Soon, another cleric joined him. Unfortunately, they had been dead for some time, their bodies already decaying, and it was no easy task to protect their memories. Allyssee, the good paladin found us there, and used her special powers to protect the belongings of the fallen as she could.

Suddenly a bear arrived, and began to advance on the younger cleric. Thinking only of protecting him, I guarded, getting ready to fight once more. As the bear got close enough, I swung, landing a good strike to the bear, then parried to ready myself for its blow. But what came next was unexpected and surprised all in the room. For as the bear struck me, I fell with ease, having no time to blink in surprise as the gods whispered my death to the world. Ripped in half as if I was unarmored and unarmed.

Tafkapp destroyed the beast that had killed me, having more trouble than he normally did. Soon after, people began dragging in more dead friends, all begging the help of clerics. Bears began to come in more freqently, and my soul cried out as Starang, Valliant, and Tafkapp were easily slain as I had been. As if possessed, bears had suddenly aquired the power to slay anyone with one blow. The room was havoc, and I was finally removed from it to depart and return to get my belongings, listening helplessly as those who had come to help died easily as infants beneath a sword.

My broadsword was returned to me by Targoth, who miraculously survived the bears by keeping his distance, warned by those of us who had fallen. Tafkapp returned to the caves, demanding I stay behind, concerned for my safety. I remained on guard at the cave entrance, waiting for him to return, warning those who came to hunt about the godlike strength of the bears, unable to bring myself to return inside, but helping as much as I could by keeping others away. Finally, in anguish, I returned home, and took my rest.

For a few days this went on. Those who fought cave bears or the bears in Haven died from one hit when engaged. Then it stopped. Timidly, I returned to fighting them three days later. They once more fell beneath my blade. I will say only that the gods must have been angered by something in the realms, for many other creatures, not only bears, also became much stronger, possessed with demon strength, able to kill the finest warriors with little effort. Let us hope we do not anger the gods into such action again.