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Posted by on 1997 Apr 26 |

S’lai Screamers Invade Crossing!

(Zoluren: 1 Dolefaren 350)

Last night The Crossing was invad ed by a creature never before seen in this part of Elanthia. At first they appeared just like a S’lai Scout, which plague Sorrow’s Reach. However, those that thought them to be an easy foe were very mistaken. These S’lai can scream extremely loudly, shattering your eardrums giving all who are in the same room bad internal head bleeders. They are nicknamed S’lai Screamers after this most deadly ability. When you fall to the ground from the pain, and lay there half dead these S’lai finish the job by grabbing your weapon from your hand and kill you with it. Once you are dead, they keep your weapon and go off to find more prey.

These S’lai Screamers were defeated after a very long, costly battle with the citizens of The Crossing. Many of our citizens fell, and the S’lai took many of their weapons. One young mage, who was obviously taken by surprise exclaimed," I was awoken from the Half Pint Inn from very loud screams. When I went out to see what was going on, within a few seconds I was dead!"

All the older citizens were baffled as to where these S’lai Screamers had come from. The S’lai Guard which protects the Moon Mage Guild would say nothing if he knew anything, and spat some acid at me when I tried to ask. When will these S’lai attack next? Where did they come from? How can we protect ourselves from their deadly screams? All we can do is be more careful, and hope we will find the answers soon.