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Posted by on 1977 Apr 26 |

The Blown Trunk Mystery

(Crossing, Zouluren: 1 Dolefaren 350)

Well, I was in the temple courtyard east side with Songstra, Wyett, Cetacea, and a few others there (a total of about 14 people in the room at that time) and was disarming a poorly made wooden trunk. It took me a few tries to find the trap, which was in itself, unusual, then checked to see how my mind was in disarming. I said, "Oh well, only pondering on the subject, I can disarm it easily in one try." I tried and to my dismay, I got sent flying across the room and got stunned for a bit. When I finally awoke, most of the people in the room with me were almost killed and I had barely a few scratches on me. What could have caused this to inflict more damage on others than on myself? I started to investigate and still am wondering in the back of my mind what could have happened.


Wheller Herbmaster, Circle 32 Elothean Empath