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Posted by on 1997 Apr 24 |

Wary Badger Accosted by Mage

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 18 Skullcleaver 350)

The Wary Badger, having been spotted in The Crossing and in Shard, found its way to Riverhaven today. It walked about the Town Square, making noises, romping, and playing with some of the citizens who stopped to play with it.

I was fortunate enough that it decided it liked me, and followed me out to the brook. It is a cute little thing, sometimes quiet, and it always looks so out of place in town. I suppose that is why it is wary.

When we got to the water’s edge, however, a mage by the name of Summerr saw it and advanced upon it! The poor thing gave my companion, Larinath the Mage, a pitiful look as Summerr continue to advance on it. Nothing we could do would keep her from advancing on the poor helpless creature.

When asked why she was doing that, she simply said, "It is not a mage’s familiar," and "I wanted a closer look at it."

It is my hope that someone does not ever take such a "close look" at her in such an offensive and threatening manner.

The badger ran away quickly, and nobody has seen it since.

Perhaps it is looking for a Ranger who can champion it against such things as this ever happening again. Rangers that I talked to knew nothing about badgers roaming about looking for company yet, though. I, for one, thought it was one of the sadder events in the Realms, and certainly one of the lower moments.