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Posted by on 1997 Aug 2 |

A Day in the Life of a Barbarian

(Shard, Ilithi: Skullcleaver 351)

The day breaks gently as the last rays of night are chased from the battle fields.

"I gotta stop doing this," I mumble to myself as I slowly nake my way past the east gate into Shard.

I could feel the steady beat of my heart in the swelling on my left eye. "Stupid trolls…" my mind slowly worked out. "The emapths are probably sick of me." Chuckling quietly to myself, I crossed the arch into Stormwill Tower, and then west to the infirmary.

"Morning Dullen. Long nite," a smiling face meet me at the door. It seems my sister Nansiea was on call today.

"Have you herd the news, Brother? A new hunting area." Why this pleased her I had no idea. It is not as if she has ever hunted.

"Fix me up girl," I murmured, and slouching onto the floor, I let out a yawn.

The day of rock trolls and Gargoyles had really taken a lot out of me, and now I could feel the numbness starting to crawl slowly up my legs. Laying back against the stone floor, the cool stone massaged slowly away at my back like a tiny pair of soothing hands. Suddenly I realized just how much I hurt. But Nansieas’ soothing healing was setting in and I closed my eye letting darkness overwelm me, and I slept…..

Light sudden and blinding, my body tensed and I moved swiftly to my feet sword coming into the light like a serpants bite.

"SWWWWinchhhhhh." I could feel my heart racing, my hands gripped the leather hilt as i gazed slowly around the infirmary. My gaze meet one sad face then another and as my mind slowed cleared I heard it for the first time. The voiced cry was in my head. My gweth glowed brightly.

"Wyetts dead," came the first thought, then another was struck down, and another. Soon my head rang with names of dying people. All of these names of friends and hunting partners. The new hunting grounds were claiming many already.

Sheathing my broadsword, I walked slowly out of the Tower, through the north gate, across path, and into the frozen lands of the Snowbeast. Drawing my broadsword and slinging my shield from my shoulder, I went into battle. With each swing I yelled a name of the fallen that I knew. So many had I lost already to the Great Migration. As the snowbeast fell, I couldn’t help but chuckle knowing that tomorrow all those people would probably be back out there getting there butts kicked again.

Dullen Slvrarrow Barbarian of the 11th circle