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Posted by on 1997 Sep 18 |

Another Moongate-Related Death–or Two

(Arthe Dale: Zoluren)

After returning from a trip to lang, I went straight to the Crossing to pick up a few gold, I wanted to by my fiance a present. So, as we both being Halfling’s, I went up to our hometown of Arthe Dale. As I reached my hometown, I went straight to the odds and ends shop. I browsed the catalog for a while, until I came apone the perfect gift. A Halfling doll! I walked out of the shop, admiring my new toy, when I decided to go to the weapon shop, ‘cuz I still got a few gold left. So, I passed by the Bard shop, and came upon my destination.

As I went for the door, I realized it was closed for the night. I paced around solemnly for a few seconds, when I decided I should get something for me, I was feeling down and thought maybe a pendant or somethin would cheer me up. I walked along, and turned at the first door I found, only to find that it wasn’t the odd’s and ends store, but the bard shop! Frowning at my mistake, I was about to leave when I observed that a fight was goin on. I know that Halfling’s are supposed to observant, it was just that my mind was on other things.

Well, anyway, before I start babbling, I took my first real look at the room. I saw one deader on the ground, and one gettin knocked around by Tenebraelings. Never seeing these things before, I hesitated one second to long, for at the moment I observed the Tenebraeling, the other person fell. Well, being the fearless Halfling I am, I rushed in with my crossbow firing. I droped one of them with my first shot, only to have it shatter like glass. I groaned at the fact that I wasn’t gonna get any bounty off these things, but soon dismissed that thought from my mind, there was other things more important then that.

I grapled with the other three, and downed two of the others. As I loaded my crossbow, for which I thought would be the last time I would hafta, the gotta a stunning blow to my chest. I stood there, dazed for a second, then felled the last one with a silver-edged bolt. So there I stood, no bounty, and two deaders at my feet, one being a good level moonie(He summoned a moongate and brought these things over).

I then used the gweth and soon a get a cleric to come over. Now, me and the cleric(I forget his name, sorry) dragged the two deaders to the shrine. I pulled Marantz along(the moonie), while the cleric pulled Mendy, a first level Bard. I sat there and watched as the cleric keep their memories intact, as I rolled them around to keep the blood from pooling. I sent more messages over the gweth until we had about one person from guild helping us, except maybe a trader, they aren’t really any help.

Well, anyhow, as more people came in I realized that I really wasn’t needed, so I picked up my Halfling doll, stowed him in my shoulder shatchel, and left for Shard. Now, I know that you think we Halfling bend the truth alittle, and sometimes we do, but I asure you, this is a true story. And, I also know that this is no great story, and that my grammar is bad and that these things happen every day, but I just wanted to get across that moongates are dangerous if not used properly, and just think, if I hadn’t been a foolish Halfling, others could’uv’ died.