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Posted by on 1997 Aug 1 |

Badgers and Trollkin Spotted

(Crossing, Zoluren: 251 Moliko 351)

I have the habit of sitting in the Shiyard and teaching, or simply guarding against marauders trying to harass or do violence to the youngsters there. A few weeks ago, you know, about the time the Faire opened up, I was speaking with a few friends of mine when, to my shock and surprise, a "scabby trollkin" ran in and engaged me!

This trollkin was immediately followed by others of its ilk, which seemed to be a bit less skilled than the Field Goblins. They carried Halberds, and t’is lucky that they were unskilled with them, for t’would have been a dark day for the young ones if they had been more dangerous. The trollkins appeared in great numbers, but were more of a source of amusement than of fright.

Immediately following this battle with the Trollkin, which seemed to continue for quite a while, (I left while they were still appearing), I was headed out to the Tiger Clan to speak with Sazu, the dyer. Again, I was startled by unknown creatures. Badgers, with claw attacks, were occupying the normal hunting grounds of the Field Goblins. They seemed to be, in skill, less dangerous than Cougars, but worse than the Trollkin in the shipyard, and their pelts were valuable, about 90-100 kronars each, depending upon your skinning abilities.