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Posted by on 1997 Jun 20 |

Brilliant Bash Blows all Previous Records!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 151 Shorka 351)

The province of Zoluren was host to quite the party last night, and this party celebrated none other than the opening of the Jadewater Mansion, now owned by the very exclusive, but very helpful Mentors. The frantic doorman was muttering about 500 guests when I passed him.

I don’t know who the caterer was, but when I woke up behind the sofa in the Ivory Room this morning, they still hadn’t cleared out the remains, and the Dill Salad was simply divine. The potables were also remarkable, ranging from the tame (The Peach Cider) to the outragous gremlin Grog! I stuffed every availible pouch and pocket to overflowing with the fine viands that were still availible.

The decor of the mansion matched that of the glorious evening dress of many of the most respected (and infamous) adventurerers in Three Provinces. And despite the fact that a few of the ladies were wearing a dress not entirely dissimilar to those worn by other ladies present, there was enough lace and satin and silk to pave the road from Shard to Riverhaven. Even a lad or two managed to wash the scuffings off his boots before giving his favorite lass a twirl.

There was an appearance by Sir Llenaur Jadewater, III for the dedication of the Mansion which he had donated to this new use, and the rather infamous Mr. Grell also showed up to turn a few rounds with various lasses on the dance floor.

The only strikes against the whole event, to my mind, was the incredible heat of the mansion, due to the wall to wall people, and the fact that the pool was not open to the general public, making it more than a bit difficult to get a friendly Mentor to take you in, amidst the clamour that was the party. As for the Dragon Priest Fanatics who crashed the party, I overheard some people complaining there were not enough of them! Imagine that!

An excellent beginning all in all. I can hardly wait for their next party!