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Posted by on 1997 Sep 9 |

Cally’s Innocence

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Nissa 351)

A dedicated and somewhat disenchanted empath, I have been in the fields with my fiance Parseus foraging and tuning up my evasion and armor skills. Sure we empaths are popular with the masses, but the boars of the East wilds seem to adore me….Yes I do bathe!

Now this may be related to the fact I have enrolled recently in a charm class for our Guardian spirit spell or it could be Parseus’ Trader charms and wiles have rubbed off on yours truly. But really 6 Boars in a room and they all come to me faster than if I threw out some slop and squealed out "Souieeeeeeeee" at the top of my lungs. The Guardian spirit I have is a cute little firchilis, and though he is handy when I need to retreat so I can forage for Vilt stalks, he really does not protect me from my porcine pals.

Luckily we empaths we have another nifty spell called Innocence. Innocence when cast diverts the attentions of advancing critters to someone else in the room. Well least it is supposed to. Usually it goes something like this:

I say "Here Parseus I will let you have a few of my pigs to whack!"

At which time I prep and cast Innocence on myself. The boars quite intent of advacing on yours truly, now turn and advance on Callyste instead. The first time this happened I searched in vain for the other Callyste. I pondered and pouted. At this point usually there is grumbling from me, laughing from Parseus, and that other Callyste… the poor thing is suddenly overwhelmed by the boars that moments before were attacking me!!!!