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Posted by on 1997 Jun 9 |

Chance Encounter with the Weaver of Fate

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 90 Lirisa 351)

I come to tell you of a chance encounter I had last evening while selling my wares in The Crossing.

I had just completed a most profitable transaction with a customer at the First Provincial Bank – Crossing branch when I noticed the Weaver of Fate Demosel pass thru the room heading towards the Town Green.

As I frequent this Tavern often, I heard the tale of the Weaver from Baresh earlier this week as told to him by Larinath.

I followed her to the Town Green intent upon asking her to pierce the veil of time and discern my forture. I found her to be a most delightful and skillful practitioner of the Arcane Arts. Using a Tokka Deck she was able to predict my Future.

What was told me at that time is personal and will remain between me and the Weaver of Fate. After I parted company with her many other travellers approached her with questions and inquiries about the future.

By my hand,

Brazz SilverPocket – Trader of Elanthia