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Posted by on 1997 Sep 8 |

Chaos in the Barbarian Guild

(Crossing, Zoluren: 371 Nissa 351)

I was in a cheery mood upon entering the Barbarian guild. I saw my friend Toonu there and we started wrestling around as friends do. An elder barbarian named Paralys must not of liked our mirth, so he thumped me. What’s this guy’s problem? I thought. I had just came in there, had a little fun with Toonu and I didn’t come near anyone else, so he thumps me. I felt this to be unjust, so a punched, kicked, and slapped him for his crime. He took it upon himself to drag me out the Northeast Gate and kill me.

A good thief named Eilt heard my plea and tried to settle things down at the barbarian guild. But all the elder barbarians did not listen to me. Paralys took it upon himself to thump me four times! I could not speak for half an hour! He thought he was all big and bad, when HE initiated the conflict. Paralys got all the barbarians on his side but two or three. Eilt was still trying to stick up for me, but how could he face the wrath of the entire barbarian guild? I was so angry at my predicament I started punching and kicking Paralys again. He and another barabarian took me outside of town and killed me again. Eilt tried to save me, but he was having a bad day, and missed his one shot with his light crossbow at Paralys.

I would not be pushed around when I was not the one a fault. My pride was hurting and no one took to my side, and Eilt had to bail. I went into the barbarian guild again and in a mad fury, I punched and kicked everyone against me, and I made it a point to bite Paralys. Seven barbarians hunted me through the streets of the Crossing. They tried to drag me outside, but I would not go easily. Everywhere I turned it seemed there was and angry barbarian looking for my blood. I am very proud to say they never got it again.