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Posted by on 1997 May 27 |

City Ranger Declares Himself Thain of Arthe Dale

(Arthe Dale, Zoluren: Akroeg 351)

Squirt Furfoot, who styles himself a City Ranger, has announced to the Realms that he is claiming the position and title of Thain of Arthe Dale. He states that he is taking this action in order provide for the defense of this city. The position he claims includes responsibilities as Shirriff and Gate-Captain, as well as military command in time of war or strife.

Mr. Furfoot claimed that this was not a political office, and that the position of Mayor was not in his purview, though he noted that a Thain could not be removed by common elections.

While describing the responsibilities of the position, Mr. Furfoot noted that its jurisdiction included not only the city itself, but also unspecified "surrounding territories".

At the time of this writing, no other major political figure in the realms had responded to the self-proclaimed Thain of Arthe Dale; it is far too early to see what effect, if any, his actions will have on the Realms, or Arthe Dale.