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Posted by on 1997 May 24 |

Drums of War Precede Attack

(Crossing, Zoluren: 34 Akroeg 351)

Citizens of the Realms out on the western path outside the Crossing stopped in their tracks as the pounding of drums began. The alert went out quickly, and several bands of skilled defenders set out of the City to help those who were already hunting goblins.

The drums reverberated for a while. Someone noticed that the goblins had all disappeared. And then the drums stopped. The entire wilds were quiet, dead quiet, not even a bird was heard.

I was with a group led by Fargo, we had taken up a defensive position at the brook, hoping to stop as many as we could as they crossed on to the path. Suddenly we saw them. Goblin warriors, Goblin berserkers, and deadly aiming goblin bowmen. Accompanying the goblin forces were viscious scavenger wolves.

Groups of brave heroes between the brook and Tiger Clan battled this invading goblin force. Brave empaths had joined some of the groups who were holding down each section of the advancing front. Guarded by protectors, they were healing and helping right on the battlefield.

Clerics and empaths were readied in town and near each gate for trouble, as well. Many were wounded by the deadly aim of the bowmen and quickly retreated back towards town for the intensively needed healing. Others did not make it to town, and fell dead. Friends were seen dragging corpses out of the fray to depart.

But the casualties for the defenders of the city did not outnumber the dead of the agressors, and after some time, the heroes had vanquished the entire forces of the warring goblin invaders.

Rumors were flying of attacks at the same time at the Northeast gate, and in Riverhaven, but this reporter could not substatiate either.

Later in the night, a small band of those warsome Dragon Priests were seen out near Kaerna. Several citizens were engaged and successfully defeated the Dragon Priests.