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Posted by on 1997 Jun 14 |

Experienced Thieves Move on to Bigger Things

(The Three Provinces: 107 Lirisa 351)

Those experienced in the art of pocket picking are finding new uses for their craft. Gems are disappearing from pouches and backpacks as devious thieves snatch them from unsuspecting citizens. Watch your gems closely and close all your containers to protect yourself from such theft.

In addition to the new ability to steal gems, experienced pick pockets are started to look on toward bigger and better things. Merchants are starting to find their wares mysteriously missing as cunning thieves start to shoplift from them. Only the very experienced dare try, for when they are caught the town guards impose a huge fine.

The citizens of the three provinces are learning new ways to defend themselves from such thievery. They have learned to watch known thieves closely, making it much harder for them to be stolen from by said thief. Also, the more experienced and perceptive have learned how to guard the younger ones, making them unable to be stolen from.

Everyone is encouraged to keep their money safely in a bank. If you do have some coin in your pocket, watch it closely or it may not be there for long.