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Posted by on 1997 Sep 7 |

Facts to Consider in Current Events II

(The Three Provinces: Nissa 351)

For some reason the Wren’s Nest has not gotten the flow of the recent current events in the lands in as timely of a manner as we had hoped. Therefore, I am forced once again to just give you a brief summary of what has transpired in recent wee ks.

An Auction was held by Lilli and Frog at which items of great power and rarity were sold. A few of the highlights were as follows:

A longsword that wields great power in the hands of Paladin that is pure of soul was sold to Vinuss for 150 plats.

Telescopes that greatly increase the powers of prediction of the moon mages that wield them were sold to Misty, Joshuah, Krenaste, Pentaith, and at least two others for anywhere from 50 to 110 plats.

An Obsidian Sphere was sold to Shapeshifter that gives him the power to shatter people’s gweths once every four days for 110 plats.

A mirror that gives the bearer the ability to see the actions of another similar to the eyes of a familiar was sold to Tera for approximately 280 plats.

A marten, a small furry animal, was sold to Tirsten for well over 300 plats.

A decrepit hand that allows the bearer to carry many coins and not have them stolen nor cause any weight to the bearer was sold to Shapeshifter for over 200 plats.

There were many other valuable items sold at the auction but these were the true items of incredible power in the opinion of this writer. Additionally, Lilli gave as a gift to all the attended Bank Books that show the current balance of the bearer in ev ery bank in the realms. NOTE: These Books will only work for the original owner. Do not buy them as they will not work for you.

On to more current events in the realms:

Kellior was a person with the title Undead Hunter that showed up at the Paladin Guild.

Kellior saluted Darius and Darius Ignored him. Kellior claimed to be hunting a great and evil undead creature and asked to be lead to the Lich that was visiting the city. A group of Paladins and others lead Kellior to Lady P, a kind and academic Lich. The group, including some of our citizens, murdered Lady P while she stood there trying to figure out why she was being attacked.

Kellior grabbed Lady Ps music box and fled with it. He was chased down and overtaken at the Chasm near the Gondolas.

He threw the Music Box into the Chasm where it was raised by magic by a Shadowy Figure or a Dark Haired Figure. The figure ducked into a cave in the side of the Chasm and disappeared.

The citizens kept Kellior stunned until Demosel arrived. Kellior challenged Demosel to a fight. Demosel killed him in one swing by removing his head with her Moonblade.

Kellior departed and his stuff was grabbed by the spectators in the crowd. Phangor took his Nimsha Sheath, Carrey took his Haversack, Mongwar took his Armor, and Greatcloud took his Tabard. Demosel, after they had already grabbed the equipment, said th at she had no use of it and they could keep it.

Demosel and Grell met at one of the Crossing Inns to discuss what had occurred. They were both filled with self-pity for not doing more to aid Lady P. Demosel left to use her magics and Grell left to use his underworld connections to try and locate the Music Box.

The Music Box is an item of considerable power as it is believed to be the device that allowed Lady P to exist well over 500 years.

As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have on current events. I generally can be found in Town Green South East resting and enjoying the company of those that pass by.

By my Mind and Hand,

Joshuah, son of Jorim and Esibo

P.S. As the Wren’s stories begin to be more timely again, I shall be able to write in a more narrative way. I look forward to that as these type of "Fact Only" stories put a cramp in my hand.