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Posted by on 1997 Jun 6 |

Fake Souvenirs From Shard Merchant?

(Shard, Ilithi: 80 Lirisa 351)

It started to happen a bit after the Souvenir Merchant left Shard.

I was told by Trader Kaltan Balfor that the items sold by Yagaroth, the rather unusual War Mage Merchant in Shard’s Open Market, save the figurines, began disintegrating! I guess most have experienced this already if they bought something, but I am telling you this, Baresh, because the common man who did not attend the popular sales tent may care to know.

The Prestigious Trader called this peddler, I quote, a "deceiver merchant." While I am not sure on this information, I completely trust the word of Kaltan Balfor. I’ve known him for some time, though he probably wouldn’t admit to it.

According to reports, the symptoms of the flawed weapons began with a loud cracking sound. Then suddenly the dragon scale decorated bone work simply fell off! The weapons, which had a high keening sound before, barely even muster a limp whoosh when you wave it anymore.

The souvenir "Nisssa Ring" had its silver flaking off by some reports, as well.

And pass the word on, Baresh.