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Posted by on 1997 Jul 24 |

Ghouls! Open Crypt Spews Undead Again

(Crossing, Zoluren: 260 Moliko 351)

About a year ago there was a small invasion of skeletons carrying corroded short swords in the cemetery outside of Crossings northeastern gate. When they were fended off and put back in their graves the few of us there noticed an imposing crypt, which we had not seen before. Inside this crypt we found a new foe, the ghoul. However, after that day the crypt was locked up and no one was allowed inside.

Today the crypt was opened once again, this time forever. Ghouls are undead and therefore cant be hurt by regular melee weapons. They must get blessed by a cleric before they can deal damage. They are skinable and their skins are worth around 25 coppers. They carry coins and other treasure as well, about average to a goblin. These ghouls are not hard to kill for the skilled folk of the realm, but may provide quite a challenge for those under 10th circle.

The graveyard tunnels in which these Ghouls live are very dark, and you will need a source of light to keep from losing your way. Bring a few torches along to guide you through the tunnels. This area is filled with many sickening scenes and is not recommended for the weak of stomach.