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Posted by on 1997 Jul 9 |

Gods’ Gift to Critters

(The Three Provinces: Arhat 351)

Nigh all hunters out in the Realms have noticed a slight difficulty in defeating their prey in combat. It appears the Gods had neglected the animals protective hides, and recently made their natural armor much more apparent in combat. Once easily dispatched animals now take much longer to destroy.

It is rumored that only the natural armor/hide wearers(Swamp Trolls, Jackals, etc. Not Gypsy Marauders or other foreign armor wearers) are affected by this. Feelings are mixed about it, from anger and frustration to confusion, and in my case, death. The new change to animals combined with some rather thick fog lead to a few lucky hits, which is all several bears really need.

I remain optimistic, however, that the Gods will balance out their tweaking, and we can once again easily and effeciently wipe out species once again.