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Posted by on 1997 Jun 24 |

Guild Emporium Visits Langenfirth

(Langenfirth, Therengia: 164 Uthmor 351)

Well, I was out hunting Reavers in the Silverwater Mines last night whenI began to pick up faint thoughts about a Merchant in the Realms echoing in my head.

After dispatching my foes, and consequently getting my wounds healed (The Reavers did not wish to peacefully give up the boxes they were carrying), I was able to confirm that there was indeed a Merchant Tent located in Langenfirth.

Upon arrival I discovered Elvisian’s Guild Emporium open for business. This Emporium housed tents from The Barbarians, Paladins, Traders and Ranger Guild, also including a Catch-All Hall and Clothing Hall.

Many wonderful items, available in the past were once again made available for very reasonable prices. Many Guild Rings, Armor, weapon holders, capes and such filled the various halls.

I myself spent a small fortune outfitting myself and purchasing items for friends, my only complaint was that I did not bring enough Lirums to support my desire….Oh well back to the Wilds…Until next time!

Fare Thee Well!!

By my hand,

Trakkur SilverWood – Ranger of the Wilds