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Posted by on 1997 Aug 8 |

Jester’s Visit Isn’t So Funny

(Crossing, Zoluren: 300 Skullcleaver 351)

To add to the strange events that seem to be plaguing our fair city of late, we received an unexpected visitor in the guise of a Jester.

The Jester lead the merry citizens of The Crossing on a wonderful fast paced chase throughout the city. Rangers attempted to track the fleet footed clown while the other citizens relied on information provided by the generous Rangers as the as they reported his latest position on the Gweth.

About 15 minutes after his arrival he seemed to stop for no reason at the North East Gate when only a few of his pursuers had been able to stay up with him. As the few of us that had managed to stay up with him caught our breath we were taken by surprise by a very strange occurrence. From the sky, fell about ten small cubes. Having heard the stories of the Jesters visits from the past and the wondrous magics that may be contained in these cubes, the people scrambled to pick them up.

Quietly the Jester walked through the gate while few were looking at anything other than where the next cube would come from. The Jester stayed out side the gate for a few minutes and then began the chase anew.

The chase this time ended at the inside of the West Gate. The Jester began to communicate with those that had once again found him in what we thought to be a merry romp. He could not speak but answered our questions with a nod or shake of his head. It became apparent to us that he was not leading us on this chase for fun but rather to avoid detection by something that wished to bring him harm.

Just as we ascertained this information a dull haze began at the Jester’s feet and began to work its way up his body. We heard a "Soft Voice" from the shadows preening about having finally caught him. The Jester did not struggle but appeared to accept his fate with resignation. We attempted to cast all possible spells to protect the Jester from the Malevolent magic but our spells were no match for whatever power the "Soft Voice" possessed.

As the haze finally overtook our friend the "Soft Voice" warned those standing their that danger would befall those who attempted to harness the magic in the gifts the Jester had brought. We could only guess that this was a reference to the perhaps four or five people that had gathered the cubes at the North East Gate. Then after a few more veiled warnings the "Soft Voice" was gone.

We felt saddened that we could not help the Jester escape what we thought may have been his captor. We were discussing our ineffectiveness when all of the Moon Mages in the Crossing, and perhaps elsewhere, grew slightly pale as the Curtains of Fate were opened slightly to us to reveal a Jester being tortured and bleeding from many places. Suddently we realized the true implications of our failed efforts to save the harmless Jester. As the Moon Mages related their visions to the others in the crowd, the excited atmosphere turned to one of regret and frustration.

As the people present discussed the situation, Nambel wandered in and asked people to guard him. Once he was safely guarded, he proceded to open a Rogue Moon Gate that unleashed horrors upon the crowd. People present were forced to fight for their lives and those of the people around them as the beasts tried to fall upon the Moon Mage Nambel. However, but this is another story to be told at another time.

Side Note: The cubes were later proven to contain a magic that when they are dropped the person doing so disappears and arrives hidden in an adjacent area. In retrospect, I can only wonder what might have happened if we had given the Jester one of the cubes in his moment of need. Would he have been able to use its magic to escape his fate? It is these kinds of thoughts that will plague my dreams and my conscious for quite some time.

By my mind and hand,

Joshuah, son of Jorim and Esibo