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Posted by on 1997 May 17 |

Mayoress Speaks Out on Leth Deriel’s Future

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 4 Akroeg 351)

Leth Deriel’s mayoress, Lindryl, has started taking serious action to improve life in the city. In the past few months there has been much work going on in the city, and much more is being planned. With the open of the mountain pass between Zoluren and Ilithi, Leth Deriel has become a very prosperous city, as it connects the major cities of Shard and The Crossing. Since the opening of the mountain pass, the mayor of Leth Deriel has found the key to their Town Hall, and opened it; brought it a gem merchant, to sell, buy, and trade with; and has repaired the pool in the gymnasium for all citizens to use.

In a recent announcement Lindryl stated her plans for improving the city. She explained her priorities as the following. To expand our knowledge of creatures in the areas beyond our gates and assess their threat, to press the librarian for more books, to find a weaponsmith and armorer, to bring an itinerant bard to set up shop in the hall to sell some bardic wares, to put a trashcan for outside Arthianna’s, to urge more of the shopkeepers to open their stores, to have practice dummies installed in the archery range, and to upgrade the civic facilities. On the same matter she also warned, "I am purposely not giving a sequence to these goals, for they are all being worked on simultaneously and I cannot say which will be done first, or which next."

She also explained why progress has been slow in the past, "One of the problems with being such a new mayoress is that I am dependent upon the Captain of the Guard to advise me on the quality of the weapons and armor. He has already dismissed several which were not suitable for our city and I would have thought them perfect!"

The mayoress’ speech was accepted with great appreciation by the citizens of Leth Deriel. The city was one of the first to establish trade routes with The Crossing, and is in dire need of improvements. Thankfully, these improvements are on their way.