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Posted by on 1997 Aug 7 |

Moon Gates: Tools of Good and Not So Good

(Crossing, Zoluren: Skullcleaver 351)

The High Council of Moon Mages has finally voted that the Guildleaders of the Moon Mages could release the Moon Gate spell to the members of the guild.

The spell requires that the individuals be a true expert in the ways of the Lunar Magic and be able to harness the powers of the Moons within their body for a long period of time. Even though Kssarh will teach this spell to the lower circled members of our guild, it is only effective for those that are approaching the title of acutal Moon Mage.

As with all things, the Moon Gate is being used for good as well as "not so good". I shall relate two recent examples of its use.

The Good

Tyler, Rhyll, Kathrynn, and myself were discussing a few esoteric topics in Town Green South East when we heard a desperate cry for help over the Gweth from Waveshell. Apparently he had been giving a tour of the local flora and fauna up in Cave Bears to a couple of the younger members of the Crossing society when the Bears turned a bit nasty.

His two pals, whose names I am embarassed to say I have forgotten, had received fatal wounds from the claws and maws of the cave bears and Waveshell himself had an internal bleeder which was threatening his own mortality.

Tyler and I sprange to our feet to head up to Cave Bears to give whatever assistance that we could when we both looked at each other for one of us to lead. We suddenly realized that neither of us knew the way to that part of Elanthia. So much for the brave heroes. Anyway, Kathrynn offerred to lead us and we quickly joined and were on our way.

We arrived to a seen of bloodshed that would make even the most serious Ranger question his love for the animals of our land. The bears continued to press in upon Waveshell as they stepped over the fallen bodies of his two friends. Tyler and Kathrynn immediately began the process of healing Waveshell. I began to wave my arms around and make alot of noise to attract the attention of the bears to myself. I drew my blade of the finest Elothean craftsmanship and said a prayer to Damaris to keep the soft meat inside my armor safe.

With a little skill and alot of luck I vanquished the twenty bears that had set upon Waveshell (actually it was four but twenty would have made a better story). When I looked up, I found that the rest of the group had taken the bodies to a safer location and I set about finding them. I found them a few rooms away set about by another half dozen bears (there really were six). I saw that even the Empaths were beginning to feel the pressure of the proximity of the hungry animals.

I suddenly remembered the lessons that Kssarh had recently taught me regarding the ability to open portals made from the very essence of the Moons. I had been trying most of the day to get one to work and had little success. However, this seemed like the type of desperate moment that improvisation and a lot of luck were called for. I summoned the very essence of Xibar into my body and called upon her heavenly light to open a passage back to the Town Green. To my surprise, as much as those around me, Xibar blessed us with a silvery-blue portal through which we could see the safety of the Town Green. The people quickly jumped through the portal dragging the bodies of the dead behind them.

As I looked around one final time to make sure I was the last, I jumped though the portal to the safety of the Town Green and my friends. I lay stunned on the ground from the effort for even Xibar’s blessing comes at a price. The only thing I heard from amongst the crowd was a low murmur of affirmation "Now that is what a Moon Gate should be used for" and I would have agreed if I hadn’t been to stunned to blink.

The "Not so Good"

A group had formed just inside the West Gate of the Crossing because of the appearance of a mysterious Jester. However, the Jester is another story to be told by another. This group was milling around discussing the implications of recent events when Nambel entered the room and called for everyone to guard him.

Those not familiar with Nambel did not realize that a request like this should make those with a lick of sense immediately leave the area. Before those of us familiar with Nambel could let out even a word of warning many people had moved into a defensive position around Nambel.

He then cast the Moon Gate spell without a Moonbeam beam for its focus. Based on his previous actions it seems in retrospect that this was an intentional action. When the Gate opened, it opened a portal to a vile and evil place. Voidspawn began to pour through this Rogue Moon Gate, trying to reach the Moon Mage who had created the Gate in this manner, but Nambel was guarded. Even the voidspawn were not the only danger, for when a Voidspawn was struck it split into a dozen vile creatures of equal prowess and evil intent. People only then began to see the evil trick that Nambel had pulled upon the citizens of the crossing bringing forth these creatures. People tried to defend themselves but these creatures struck down people with a skill equal to any Death Spirit. As people began to get their wits about them, an organized defense began to form. The creatures were defeated and sent back to their plane of origin one by one through sword, hammer, magic, arrow or bolt.

When the dust had settled Nambel had fled. Even now, the authorities in the Crossing seek him for the crimes of Endangering Public Safety and Murder. No punishment would be great enough for the misuse of his magics. If only the Guildleaders took it upon themselves to punish such abusive behavior, but alas they do not.


So you can see, the Moon Gate is now a part of our realms. And as usual, new knowledge can be used to further our society and help those in need or be twisted to some personal agenda and bring harm to the innocent. Let us hope that the future will show more of the former than the latter in relation to this new wrinkle in our beloved Elanthia.

by my mind and hand,

Joshuah, son of Jorim and Esibo