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Posted by on 1997 May 24 |

Mr. Grell at Paladin’s Session

(Arthe Dale, Zolure: Akroeg 351)

The Paladin Rock Loyalheart has been arranging sessions for all Paladins to meet and learn from experts in the various areas of life and experience in the Realms. The latest, held this day, was to cover Focusing, but recent events induced him to change it to a session on War. Previous sessions were open only to Paladin’s in good standing, but members of all Guilds were present.

During the tumult that preceded the session’s start, the presence of a Mr. Grell was first noted; that name being well known to many, and some thought him the head of the Dragon Priests, he was questioned as to his intentions. He claimed only to be searching for food, which he presumed would be provided at such a gathering as this. He then left.

Some time later, while the session was underway, he returned, this time claiming to be looking for a chamberpot. Some present took insult at this, and began acting agressively towards Mr. Grell, but before hostilities could break out, Rock and others calmed the crowd and Mr. Grell again left, not to be seen again that evening.

What his intentions were is not known, but he bore an air of ‘difference’ about him. His features could not be discerned, and for reasons unknown he carried a grappling hook each time he was seen. Whatever this bodes, of good or ill, deception or truth, remains a mystery.

Grell’s first appearance in recent times in the Crossing was as the hired representative of the Dragon Priests, sent to recover the personal effects of the Dragon High Priest Tennebraus when he died in the Crossing. (The High Priest had killed Siryn, and was trying to prevent the bard guild from opening. But that is another story.) Grell appeared some time later and used some rather aggressive negotiating tactics to recover the relics. (But that, too, is another story.) He has been spotted wandering about at other times, but has never been known to cause trouble.