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Posted by on 1997 Jun 29 |

Never Tingle a Moon Mage

(Crossing, Zoluren: 175 Uthmor 351)

I was sittin’ about the Green, and enjoying the time with me friends that visit the southeast section, workin’ me magics, and basically havin a jolly ole time. That is, until I gots me bright idea to Tingle Crescent.

He was unsuspecting of it, he was too busy workin his magics, and playin’ with his cambrinth orb to notice me over there plotting on him. I prepared my spell, and for good measure, boosted it up a bit more than I normally do, just to see iffen I could manage all the power.

No sooner had I cast, and his orb drop, did I notice something funny. I went to retrieve his dropped orb (he wasn’t able to do so himself being fumble fingered and all now). When I did it appeared as if I had pulled the orb out of me own arm pouch. Well, my dear reader, I don’t wear an arm pouch. Sooo, you can see that this gave me pause. So I looked around, to see iffen anyone else had noticed this little phenomenon, and, lo and behold, there was a ton of stuff all over the Green! I mean it looked as if someone had departed, and hadn’t returned to get their gear.

About this time, Manning had asked, who had died and left all the stuff, and then I knew somethin was up. I looked again to see iffen’ I could recognize any of the gear, and I blinked, it was gone! Not a trace of it was there anymore, except for the orb that I had retrieved from my non-existant arm pouch.

Well, bein the curious sort of these things, Crescent and I put our heads together, and tried to figger out what happened, and then we decided to do it again, just to see if we could recreate the phenomenon. oh, did we ever..

No sooner had I cast my tingle on poor Crescent (the now fumble fingered for life Moon Mage) and we saw sharpened pine saplings, and garbage strewn about the green as if there had been a rock troll battle right on the green itself. Iffen that wasn’t bad enough, 10 seconds later, looking again, we saw items that would normally belong in someone’s backpack. We looked again, and the contents of the Green kept changin! Dreamheart and Luigi finally deducted what was happening, cuz Crescent and I were more pleased with ourselves we had mixed the 2 magics to notice the fact that we had caused a small rip in the fabric of reality.

As you can prolly figger out, Dreamheart and Luigi had deduced, that we were actually IN people’s backpacks. That innocent Tingle spell casted on that even more innocent Moon Mage, had caused the Green to turn into a portal into people’s backpacks, and would change to a different person, usually around once every 2 minutes or so. At first, we thought this great fun, until we realized, wait a second, OUR backpacks could be next! (Gads, people would see all my personal gear out on the Green!)

Well, to make an already long story a bit shorter, Luigi, the clear headed one, actually managed to speak to Guardian Mage Smoke, and explain the problem. While he was fixing the portal we broke, Crescent and I came up with the moral of this story: Never Tingle a Moon Mage.

By my hand,
Larinath Kreckinash