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Posted by on 1997 Aug 2 |

New Trail to Knife Clan is Found

(Crossing, Zoluren: 286 Skullcleaver 351)

Recently the citizens of the Crossing have blazed a new path though a patch of brambles in cougars leading to the Knife Clan. South of the Clan lies a dry creek bed and a forest fen, no aggressive creatures have been found there yet. What lies northeast of the Clan is unknown at this time, for the members of the Clan will not allow us to pass through there as of yet. Talks have been arranged and I’m quite sure we shall know what lies that way before too long.

Knife Clan is led by the infamous Gor’Tog Trog who is the brother of Ortug, leader of Tiger Clan. Knife Clan is made up of all Gor’Togs and has a very primitive air about it. There are few buildings and most of the shops are in caves. There is a very nice leather armor shop run by Bukor, Tobbs weapon shop consisting only of knifes, and a metal dyer run by the proprietor Klurge. In a cavern to the north of the Clan can be found the surgeon Dokt, a shrine to Huldah, and a room where they practice the art of combat.

In the center of the clan lies a big fire pit obviously used when they gather. Another thing of interest is a Sickly Tree that walks around the Clan. It is rather grouchy though, so I’d recommend keeping your distance from it.

What this new trail connecting Knife Clan to the outside world shall mean is still uncertain. We may see additional raids by the notorious Knife Clan raiders now that they have an easier route to their victims. Perhaps with this new trading opportunity the Knife Clan shall become larger with more shops and perhaps a few more buildings. We shall find out soon enough what the future holds for Knife Clan, for now the citizens of Crossing and surrounding area can take a look inside this primitive clan and perhaps learn something about their past from it.