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Posted by on 1997 Jun 16 |

Nytingale, Merchant to Bards, Visits Again

(The Crossing, Zuluren: 135 Shorka 351)

A merchant’s caravan was parked near to the West Gate of the Crossing earlier today. Inside was none other than the skilled lutier, Nytingale.

Nytingale has in stock many exquisite instruments for sale, Flutes, Drums, Bodhrans and others. All specialty items with precious metals inlaid, fancy woods and emblems. She was also available at this caravan to customize and alter instruments for a fee.

This service was unfortunately available for only a limited time, as only a few adventurers where able to gain access to this list. The merchants work is very well done and the products available for sale are fine additions to the collection of any Bard or any other music-lovers.

I myself, although being a Scout of the Woods, consider myself a fledgling musician and purchased a few items for my collection.

By my hand,

Trakkur SilverWood
Scout of the Wilds