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Posted by on 1997 Sep 16 |

Sadistic Baron at Theren Keep

(Therenbourough, Therengia: Nissa 351)

A couple weeks ago me was thinking me needed new longsword. Me longsword me using just wasn’t cuttin it no more. So me thinks, me go to Theren get pretty gleaming sword. So me go all way Theren.

Now me never been there before so after getting to town me ask somone to show me armory. Me thinks it was good Sir Clawbreaker but me not remember so good. Ahh Keep ’twas beautiful sight beautiful white stone imaculently kept. After going across the drawbridge and the guards hailed me as a paladin, ahh me thought me died and gone to heaven (not yet though). Anyway he show me armory in keep then leaves. So me buy me new pretty sword. Me sticks it in me new weathered sheath me buy at fair. Then me leave.

Me walk out the armory and imediately say "Uh oh!" Me lost now me in hurry to try out me new toy on some bad troll heads so me go quick and not pay much attention to where me going. So me wander around till me see a big black door.

"Ahh…" me says, "Me remember door coming in!" So me go door and bonk me smash me big Tog nose. Hmmmm me think me have idea…me try open door. Sure enough door swing open. Ha ha me had good idea so me go door again.

Out of nowhere these two scything blades come out and cut me into three pieces. As ye can imagine me quite distraught. Luckily me had feeling Chadatru would look kindly upon me silly Tog soul, and knowing that Theren keep wasn’t exactly a tourist attraction me knew no one would be finding me. So me hastend me departure and awoke in the temple, confused but alive. All hail Chadatru!

So me stand up and walk back to where me was killed. Now all me stuff there except me regular old visored helm and me weathered sheath which me was sooooo proud of. Nether was as valuable as some of the things lying on ground such as me engraved silvery white greatsword so why would a thief take a helm and a sheath?? Me thinks twas no thief for door was closed and upon closer look and trying to cypher reading on door (me not read so good). Me see this door to Barons inner sanctum or some such thing. Maybe Baron took it? Me not know. ::sigh::

Now second question why? What if some kitchen boy sneaks out to splore and sees unlocked door, now boys being boys he opens door and walks through WHAM! You got kitchen boy all over walls, so some cleaning wench has come clean up kitchen boy. Maybe she get curious as to what killed boy so she go door WHAM! You got wench all over floor. ::sigh::

Now me not too smart but me know this not right! At least good Baron please lock door no more innocent lives should be lost for your amusment. Ohh ya and ifin ye have me sheath can me please have it back? Wrote in some silly elf persons hand cause me no write so good.

Blightsbane Deathrager faithful follower of Chadatru.