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Posted by on 1997 Aug 16 |

Second Bard Tourney Announced

(Crossing, Zoluren: 336 Dolefaren 351)

I am pleased to announce that the second Bardic Tourney will be held on the twentieth and twenty-first day of next month. This is a competition of original song and story, open to all bards and free of charge.

The last competition was a phenomenal success, and we hope to see some new talent at this one along with the last Tourney’s gifted performers.

More information can be had by reading the General Discussion topic in the Bard’s Conservatory, or by writing a scroll to me at All guilds are welcome to come and enjoy an evening of music, food, and drink.

Nynis Goldkeeper,
Patron of the Arts,
Gerwen rae Kertigen