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Posted by on 1997 Sep 24 |

Second Bard Tourney Enjoyed by All!

(Crossing, Zoluren: Nissa 351)

The Tourney, held recently at the Half Pint Inn, boasted some of the finest songwriting talent in Elanthia. Twenty-seven bards performed their finest songs for the event, judged by Simper, Freye, Drayeath, Danner, and Nynis.

There were more than twenty spectators present at each evening of the competition, proving that Bardic performance can and will draw a crowd.

As for the results, Trul Oldsong’s exotic performance edged out Kithria Dustdanser’s poignant ballad to take first place. The romantic duets of Gitathiral and Briezy, and Landru and Achrennight took third and fourth place respectively. Fifth place was taken by Starlighte Sylvansong’s somber ballad.

Trul Oldsong, after winning first place, said, "The Bard Tourney, one of the best ideas ever! Often, we bards are not able to perform and share our talents and gifts. This was so much fun and winning was one of the highest honors ever."

Other strong showings: crowd-pleasers Kortny Horseland, Yzmerelda Ninetoes, Tanella Brandiwillow and Jennora Valdarrien certainly garnered their share of public accolade and applause. Even those who did not place had performances of very high quality… all were in agreement that the competition was very fierce.

After the Tourney, everyone took up their favorite pastime: partying! The festivities lasted well into the wee hours, and the Tourney was enjoyed by all.

[Ed. Note: Go listen to the songs at Nynis’ special visit in the web-ways.]