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Posted by on 1997 Jul 9 |

Sluaghs Swap Stones?

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 219 Arhat 351)

Twas a lovely night that day nae long ago, so me decided ta find a lad ta take huntin’ wit me. Taigan gladly joined up fur me little adventure inta the swamp trolls. We did nae know what we where gettin’ into that night.

After we had found a suitable place ta huncker down, we where engaged in mighty combat wit a swamp troll, which was dispatched in one jab o’ me gladius, suprising us both. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by swamp trolls, then came the sluaghs. This is when we realized our mistake, we had decided to come inta the swamps at night, when someone had decided to have fun with his "pets". We heard a cry fur help, comin’ from every direction, people where bein’ slaughtered left an’ right by the sluaghs, who where carryin’ a new weapon, large rocks that had the tendancy to lodge inta ye. Soon Taigan fell, an’ me was battlin’ fearsome numbers, tryin’ ta get out wit me life.

After a valiant effort, me was beaten down to the ground an’ a few sluaghs decided to lodge their stones inta me. After me was dead, an’ waitin’ in the spirit form, me heard a voice. Twas a very ghostly, hauntin’ voice which said, "How do you like my pets new toys?"

Me responded as is me way wit a "Nae very much!"

After talkin’ wit a few of the other spirits roamin’ around their dead bodies, me found that they had all also heard the voice.

Soon, the voice came again, "I grew tired of this game."

That was the last we had heard o’ the strange voice. Our bodies where dragged out, healed up, then forced back to life by a powerful cleric. After conversin’ wit the other people that had been there, me learned that there had been rumors that a large portal had opened up about an hour before the attack of the large rocks. Where it was, or what it lead to me could nae figure out, though me would certainly like ta know.

After we had everyone that had died back to life, me learned that the sluaghs did nae have their new toys any longer, they where back to their small smooth rocks, which is much prefered.

Was this a call from the master o’ the swamp? Or was it a powerful Mage out havin’ fun? We shall jus have to wait an’ see, but should ye go inta the fearsome swamps, beware the foul sluaghs, an’ whichever stones they might sling!