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Posted by on 1997 May 28 |

Wholesale Outlet Opens in Trader Guild

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 26 Akroeg 351)

A very clever merchant has set up shop within the Traders Guild in the Crossing. What better place to have a store then where everyone has large amounts of money? This new store is called the Wholesale Outlet, as many different kinds of items can be purchased there. The Outlet is a place where professionals do business with other professionals, all of whom know the weaseling tricks commonly played on customers. The displays are sturdy and pleasant, and the store is brightly lit. The rugs are plain brown, and the walls are beige to make the atmosphere one of business.

The items in the Outlet are constantly being restocked and new merchandise is being added all the time. This is the first store of its kind, and what was being sold ten minutes ago may not be up for sale now. This will give the Outlet constant buissness, as many will check the store daily for new merchandise.

Only Traders who have attained the 5th circle in their guild are allowed to buy merchandise from the Outlet, as the merchants don’t want to have to deal with the troubles that accompany most nonexperienced traders. Those that do purchase merchandise from the Outlet can resell the goods to the public at large, at a profit of corse. The Outlet has already been a big hit with customers and will doubtlessly continue to be. This is the first step in giving Traders more control over the realm’s economy.