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Posted by on 1997 Nov 11 |

A Voice in the Wilds

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 152 Shorka 352)

The wilds were quiet as I made my way ta meet me half-brother, Gloopius, fer a romp in the swamp with the local trolls. ‘Twas almost morn as I wandered along the deer trail enjoying the stillness and quiet of the awakening wilderness.

Suddenly, I stopped short as a voice whispered in me ear, "Scootle, to Myself come you now. This life abandon and to the Void yourself give. Without pain or strife My eternal abode is. The touch of the Void feel you now."

Shiverin’ with a chill that went beyond life — beyond death — I felt cold fingers tuggin’ at me soul as I opened me mouth in a silent scream… Then, just as suddenly, the voice and the chill was gone. Nothin’ but the chitterin’ of a distant bird broke the stillness. Rubbin’ meself briskly in an effort ta warm meself from the unholy chill, I ran quickly away from the spot.

Who’s voice was that I heard? She said her name was Eylhaar, but no living bein’ was near me! Could it really have been the whisper of the Goddess I heard? O, why me? What was the meanin’? Whatever it is… Ranger or not, I shan’t spend time alone in the swamp meself at night… not anymore.