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Posted by on 1997 Nov 12 |

Chastised by the Gods

(Wilds, Southern Trade Route, Illithi: Shorka 352)

Everyone’s favorite ranger after countless others, Striderr here.

Well I just wanted to relate a tail about some weird happenings that occured as I was traveling nort of Shard. My lovely wife, Shandriel, and I where traveling to the white brige on a little shopping trip… (shopping being having me forage her up some herbs) … and as I’m digging around in the dirt looking for that darned Yelith root a little Kobold appears. I smiled at him. Kobolds, although unfriendly, are rare out of the fallow fields.

Well ya see this little kobold had a sling and started to throw some stones at me. My wife, A War Mage by trade Ice patched the little guy as I loaded a arrow into my bow.

Now My sixth sense was telling me this wasn’t no ordinary kobold so I said being a good natured Ranger type, "Hello Little kobold" to which he bashed me on my chest.

Well with an answer like that I responded as I was taught….. with pure bloodthirsty force. ::blushes a bit as he tells his tale:: The Arrow killed the kobold instantly but here’s where the strange part comes along.

My wife’s Familiar flys over lands on the dead kobold’s body and says to me, "You know? I dont think that was an ordinary Kobold."

"You’re right", I agreed as my wife gasped.

It was then I looked over to my wife and saw why she gasped. The talisman she uses to communicate with her familiar wasnt there. Her falcon was talking of its own accord.

Well to make a long Story short, The Falcon was taken over by the God Meruad and boy was he not pleased. With some quick talking on my part I saved my life because it seems this little kobold was destined to be a messanger for the gods. Well I thought it was a special little kobold but reacted anyway so heres my moral of this story.

"If a little kobold Shows up and throws rocks at you, Wait. If more of his friends show up, Kill em all. If not leave him alone, You never know who might be a messanger of the Gods."