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Posted by on 1997 Sep 13 |

Confusion around the Crossing

(Crossing & Leth Deriel: 35 Akroeg 352)

The invasion in The Crossing started out by the Town Green North. It was just skunks then ruffian, people ran to it as fast as the could. The skunks died off quick and then the ruffains popped up. I didn’t fight — for it is not smart to do it with so much confusion — but sat back and watched the horror and triumph.

The invasion came in a large size and moved north to the empath guild. The ruffain population was whittled down but by then sun vultures and wolf spiders came up and even a scavernger wolf were opposing the forces of The Crossing. The creatures were all killed but took many lives. They shortly died one by one and then many death spirits came and gargloyes arrived. A couple sky giants joined the crowd and gleefully slew a lot of defenders. They are new to me and are tough. In the end, the foray left quite a number of unhappy people with missing items and deaths to deal with.

The attack was not limited to The Crossing, Leth Deriel was hit with a similar force, too, and the battle there lasted even longer.