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Posted by on 1997 Nov 2 |

Dunshade Manor Evacuation

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 142 Shorka 352)

Shouts were heard on the gweth of a Takog stealing Baron Dunshade’s ring that he remembered his wife and children which he murdered. Normally a trap would be sprung once someone touched the foul thing, but not this time. This time Takog took it and ran around with it for a while, and eventually ran to Theren.

Before he could get there, though, the ring slipped out of his hands and it was teleported back to the pillow on which it rested. Also while all this is going on, everything undead was making havoc all over the city. And naturally, people wanted the ring, seeing Takog doing it unharmed, they did too. The second me and about 20 other Riverhaven citizens were checking out the scene, they were all there.

I guess Takog was low on soul while he was in there, so he died, and, taking the plain scimitar that he had held, I pryed open the secret panel to let everyone else out, unharmed. I am the Riverhaven General of the Oblique, a order that has been around for some time.