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Posted by on 1997 Dec 6 |

Elba Darvager Terrorizes Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 242 Moliko 352)

Having slept late, I only heard about the Dragon priests attempting to invade the crossing, and arrived barely in time to add a few fire shards on the last of the giants that also attempted to breach the Crossing’s North Eastern gate. So, suffice it to say, I thought that the forces of evil had learned their lesson for the day and was not expectiong any further trouble. Was I ever wrong!

I had just finished a gruelling lesson with Gauthus (I finally cajoled him into teaching me the FireBall spell). I was tired, but anxious to try out my new knowledge on a few hapless goblins. As I walked outside the guild, I saw Tagurius and Tarmax sitting outside the guild, as many guildmembers are wont to do from time to time. As I sped on by, I also noticed a Dwarf-like creature. It took me half way down the southern path before that fact registered.

Well, one may never know for sure who or what will come by the guild. So I turned around to see what this creature wanted, and if it was hostile. No sooner had I returned to the room than this creature launced a lightning bolt at Tarmax that tore into his chest like a blast from Firulf’s staff! As I fought down panic and attempted to get a warning out on the gweth, this creature turned on Targius. Targius only had time to put up his Etheral Shield before the creature turned loose a bolt at him as well… equally lethal.

I did not have time to worry about whether my warning had gotten out, for the fell creature next turned its attention to me. Having seen two of my brethren dropped in a single blow, I frantically searched for a hiding place, but to no avail. With sword and shield in hand, I attempted to backpedal and summon up the new magics that Gauthus had just taught me, but also to no avail. The elba Darvager quickly strode forward and blasted out my ribcage with one swipe of its mattock!

If I have any consolation from this event, it is that I think I was able to get out a warning. Too many people died, however, simply because they would not listen to the ghostly advice which I and my then out-of-body comrades gave them to flee for their lives.

Needless to say, if you should ever walk into an area where several disembodied fellow adventurers are telling you to run, dont stop to ask "Why?" By the time the word is out of your mouth, you will likely have already found out!