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Posted by on 1997 Nov 7 |

Eldryn’s Journey

(The Three Provinces: 146 Shorka 352)

Well, to me, it was another day in my ordinary life in ordinary Shard. ::Yawn::. Anyway, I happened to be in the Temple of Darkness, looking at all the bloody sights and carnage. I had just bought a torch to explore the dark room, and was very dissapointed finding it was just a normal shrine. No sooner than that, I heard a voice on the gweth trying to find the Warrior Mage guild, saying he had a message for guildmistress Melear.

I left the temple, always wanting to help someone lost or in need. The voice said that he was on Sapphire Avenue, and I headed southeast on the bridge looking for him. I arrived to find Eldryn peering quiziclly at a map, and Jhayd trying to help him out. I told Eldryn I would take him, and soon the two of us were off. We reached the guild and entered the eye of the storm, where Melear resided.

As soon as we got there, Eldryn exclaimed, "Auntie Melear!"

Melear blinked sudenly and her jaw almost dropped. "Eldryn? What are you doing here? Your mother will kill me if she finds out!" the guildleader said.

[Ed. Note: The story goes no further. I am hoping for the rest of the tale.]