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Posted by on 1997 Oct 20 |

Fourth Time’s a Charm

(Crossing, Zoluren: 100 Lirisa 352)

Twas just after the Festival of Lormandu when I heard. It had happened, my Aunt Brigannia Faer had finally managed to take a trip down the aisle. I’d known well that there were rumors of it happening. But rumors often abound. And it was well known that she’d lost three before three wedding days in the past.

I’d spent time with her in Hodierna’s Solace listening to her weep over those now gone. I’d never met any of them. But one day something changed. She stopped crying, and I saw her lingering over a selection of wedding rings in a shop outside Leth Deriel. She never would tell me what exactly was going on, or with whom. I wasn’t sure there was anything happening. Perhaps the loss of the third had unhinged her mind finally. She’d always sworn that she was cursed.

But, time passed and the rumors grew. She finally did tell me twas true, she was betrothed. But she’d never say to whom. Swore the curse would get her if she spoke. I started to figure it out though. I saw the way she looked at a certain young moon mage after the ceremony honouring Hodierna. I saw the way her eyes lit up at the mention of his name. But as much as I questioned her, she’d never confirm or deny it.

Now I know for sure. I’ve seen the ring she wears, I’ve heard tales of the wedding ceremony. Private it was, with only her sister attending. They wed in the sight of their Goddess Tamsine. Didn’t sound like a traditional wedding. No cleric, only the Gods and one witness. And I hear rumors that Idon was invoked to bless the marrige. But what can you expect from a Bardess and a former Bard. But the love I see in their eyes, thats as traditional as it gets. Took her four times heading towards the altar to finally make it. But she did. And so congratulations to you my Aunt. May your marrige to Cebin Star-Wisher last for all of time. And may the happiness I see in your eyes now, never fade.