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Posted by on 1997 Nov 5 |

Gwethdesuans From Thin Air

(Kaerna, Zoluren: 151 Shorka 352)

‘Twas almost dawn as I walked quickly along the Northern Trade Road. As I as passed through the quiet village of Kaerna, past the Stone Clan Trader Outpost, and north past the blackened tree, I scarcely noticed anythin’ out of the ordinary. Mind ye, I was a bit preoccupied with me own thoughts and all…

Then suddenly as I stepped upon the bridge, I stubbed me toe on something lyin’ in the road and almost ended up joinin’ it flat on me face! Cursing under me breath about the rubbish that has been litterin’ the Realm’s byways of late, I hastily put on me spectacles (empath said that I’ve been skinnin’ too much in the dark… me vision stinks) and rummaged about in the dark tryin’ ta find what had almost given me a newly flattened nose. As I squinted in the darkness, the faint glitter of a silver chain caught me eye…

Lo and behold, ’twas a Jadite Gwethdusan! I asked meself, "What absent-minded soul couldve dropped this on the road?" Chucklin to meself at the prospect of bein clobbered by a Gweth and scratchin me head in puzzlement, I happened ta glance round… lo and behold… there, lyin just on the edge of the bridge — almost ready ta fall off into the darkness — was yet another Gweth! Now, findin one Gweth lyin round could be a simple stroke of luck, but two in such close proximity? I pondered the possibility that some unlucky souls might have somehow walked right off the bridge, leavin only their Gweths in passin… but me imagination can be a bit loopy at times.

Shruggin it all off as a strange coincidence, I continued on me way, absent mindedly tossin both Gweths into me pack as I walked. Scarcely a dozen paces from me last discoveries, ifn ye will believe it… there was another twinklin pile of silver chains lyin in the middle of the road! As my jaw dropped in amazement I counted two more Gweths! Now, this was a bit strange… *four* Gweths in the span of a dozen paces? Somethin strange was a goin on ere… what twas, me feeble mind could nae fathom. Bein the curious sort that I am, I stooped over and disentangled the two Gweths, thinkin maybe me eyes was playin tricks on me — fully expectin both of em ta shatter or simply disappear… Nae such luck or misfortune as I tossed these two ta join their companions in me pack.

Wanderin on me way, ponderin the potential that I might have just cursed meself by pickin up four rogue Gweths, I happened upon a young Cleric who was stooped over by the side of the road as well. Nae wantin ta be intrusive or anythin I waved and took a glance at what she was toyin with at her feet. Ye can probably guess what it was… another Gweth! I skidded ta a halt and pulled out one o me own Gweths and approached her. We both stood there blinkin at each other until I asked ifn she knew what was the source of these mysterious Gweths… after all, Shard is a long way from Kaerna! Unfortunately, neither of us had any idea whereabouts the devices couldve come from… perchance they fell out of a traders crate along the road? Mayhaps the Gods simply decided that Gweths nae an Elanthian should go without a Gweth? Shruggin ta each other, we decided fate was goin our way this eve and continued on our merry way.