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Posted by on 1997 Dec 9 |

Magic Against Foul Necromancers?

(SouthGate, Lost Highlands: Moliko 352)

Being a possible response to these Fylgja necromancers, by the hand of Volmir MacCoulach, Paladin, Captain, South Gate Village Guard, South Gate, the Lost Highlands.
Heyo me friends.
I see there be yet another threat mayhap from the foul Necromancer Sidhlot. There be an earlier article about Foul Creatures descratin’ shrines. It describes them as necromancers who may be summoned by Sidhlot himself.
I am now duty bound ta remain in the Lost Highlands (bein’ leader of the local village guard), an’ so havna seen them meself. Our biggest threat be brigands and a few goblin raids. But I know this Sidhlot as he slew me himself, and had a Fanrae Stalker kill me once as well some time ago back when I worked out of the Crossing Paladin Guild.
Here be tha description given of these Fylgja earlier.
"The Fylgja, by eyewitness reports are skeletal looking necromancers. They cast a fear spell, and while their victim is frozen in fear they attack." The creatures were said to utter some disconcertin’ song or poem given earlier as well.
This earlier account suggested a couple of spells that might be used agin these Fylgja. Tha point I wanted ta make is that as was suggested aboot Sidhlot by one more clever than I, a cleric might destroy a necromancer by casting ressurection upon him.
Peace be our callin’