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Posted by on 1997 Dec 17 |

Mibgluc: Know Your Enemy First

(Zoluren: Uthmor 352)

Mibgluc is master of fear and fire,
Many brave hero’s have been lost to his pyre,
None yet have found the way to his stronghold,
Not even the strongest of the brave and the bold.

My notion is that a weakness you’ll find,
If you take the time to learn the fiend’s mind,
Whence did his awesome powers first come?
Where in the beginning, is the man from?

If you can find the mad mage’s master,
You may be to one to avert disaster,
If you can find where once he had grown,
His childhood fears you could skilfully hone.

I don’t claim to be best or the most wise,
A simple bard am I – this is no disguise,
But I say to you ‘know your enemy first!’
Before sating your revenge with rage and blood-thirst.